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A p r i l  9 2017

Hi guys, here is a quick shot of two more drawings for the series 100 drawings. Hope you dig it! I am really having fun producing the stuff for 100 drawings. It's spontaneous and raw which is a wonderful and freeing feeling to have these days. The two drawings make it numbers 13 and 14. My goal is to do a little here and little there when I have the time and motivation. The things I am doing in this series I can totally see myself using the same techniques in later more realized and finalized commercial pieces. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting.
tags: lawrencej, mix medial, process, 100 drawings, art, photography
A p r i l  7 2017

Hey everyone! The second post here is about my sketch journals. I have a lot of them! I really enjoy doing stuff in them and I feel it is a great generator of ideas. Image and idea are super important to the basis of a lot of what I conceive. An additionally, I replaced a section of my site with a category page dedicated to the sketch book 0r as I call it, SKETCH JOURNAL. Please enjoy.
tags: lawrencej, sketch journal, process, spiralvs.signature, art, photography
A p r i l  5 2017

Happy spring! I've been taking it easy and not working much on new stuff except on the work that am posting here. I have some acetate sheets from a prior project so I decided to experiment with them. So with that acetate and some medium and acrylic I made some cool looking stuff that I plan to take further in the coming months. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Thanks for visiting.
tags: abstract, medium, acrylic, acetate, yellow background, red, black